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The child within whispers softly to the adult you've become, "Do you remember, now?"

ARIES 2018 Forecast

What Do The Wee Folk See For You?

Four Wee Folk Toracles cards for Aries 2018 reading

The first card, Aries, shows a man that could be considered our version of a Leprechaun. His head is rather large in comparison to his body. He has a great amount of green hair and what looks to be a green beard as well. There is also a bit of a belly on him as you can see where his pants (again green) taper down to his feet. He also appears to be wearing a green tie, but it is loosened and seems to be slung over his shoulder. He is looking off to the left where there is nothing to see as there are no cards in that direction. He stands quite straight and rigid and the profile of his face gives the impression of seriousness. With these impressions from his photo, let's flip the card over and see who he is and what he has to share.

His name is Patty and his subject matter is "The Four Leaf Clover". He says: "The Four Leaf Clover is said to be connected to good luck. In finding one, you may suddenly have something incredible happen. Was this four leaf clover really lucky for you? The answer is in your intention when you search for the four leaf clover. The Universe hears your intention and knows luck is needed. Finding the four leaf clover excites you, raising your positive vibration which strengthens your intention and allows the Universe to bring the good luck to you. Use intention and positive thinking. Allow the four leaf clover to remind you how the Universe works."

Patty seems to be telling you, Aries, that in 2018, something incredible is going to happen if you let the Universe know what you truly want. First though, before you can let the Universe know how to work with you, you must find what it is that you want - that metaphorical four leaf clover. As a clue, Patty is an adult, but he is the size of a child. He is looking off to the left where there are no other cards, but since he is child sized, he is indicating looking back at your childhood. Oftentimes, the things that you loved and were passionate about in childhood end up being what you do for an occupation as an adult or, at least, as a hobby. Patty is not walking toward that childhood, he is standing very still and contemplating very seriously the childhood memories. Another clue is being passionate about this "metaphorical four leaf clover" as is shown by all the green in this card as green is the color of the heart chakra when it's in its perfect, healthy vibration. This "four leaf clover" is also something that comes very naturally to you and doesn't cause stress as shown by Patty's loosened, slung tie. The tie can also be representative of some kind of business, but a relaxed business, perhaps at home and since Patty is a Leprechaun, the business might be one that others consider "unconventional". Unconventional often means subjects that have been around for centuries, but are not "believed in" by the masses in today's world. It is important, when trying to discover this "four leaf clover" that you stay out of your head and not allow yourself to be too rigid in your thinking or allow your ego to dictate what you should be doing. This is about your heart's passion - not your head's passion. You must also be active in searching for your "four leaf clover" and not sitting around waiting for it to find you.

The second card shows a dark haired woman with a flower in her hair. She is dressed quite colorfully - almost in a garment that would reflect a gypsy woman. All around her seems to be quite chaotic but, despite the chaos, she appears to be very relaxed, is smiling and appears to be very happy. She is also looking over her shoulder at Patty (the first card) which means she is paying attention to his message. Let's flip the card and see what she has to share with you.

Her name is Donaya and her subject matter is "The Charisma". She says: "I am a gypsy dancer, having learned this skill from my mother. Many love me and come great distances to see me perform. Am I that good? Perhaps, but I believe it is my charisma that draws them. I love to dance and give my all to every performance. I choose beautiful, bright clothing, and my smile is genuine. They are devoted as I am devoted. If you have a skill you love, give it everything you have and you, too, will develop a following."

Donaya, Aries, is clearly giving credence to Patty's message from the first card. She states that she learned her gypsy dancing skill from her mother which is a childhood memory. This is another clue to go back and discover what you loved doing from your childhood. Donaya LOVES what she does - it is her heart's passion which means that though the dancing might take a lot of work, it doesn't feel like work because the desire to do it comes from the heart. This LOVE for what she does shines through her in every way and others find her irresistible because of it. She is telling you, Aries, to find that passion and, once you find it, develop your own style in such a way as to be contagious to others. If you show how much you love what you are doing, other people will want to know your secret because they want to be like you. They don't necessarily want to do what you are doing, but they want to "feel" as you appear - happy, genuine, and obviously acknowledging your true passion and self. Donaya also talks about people coming great distances to see her perform and giving her all to every performance. This is also a clue to the fact that your heart's passion is to be shared - not kept to yourself.

The third card stands out from the rest due to its darkness and the fact that the being on the card is not human looking as the other three Wee Folk are. It is the card in this reading that you are meant to remember most which is why it stands out to the eye. Keep in mind, Aries, that dark does not necessarily mean negative. The being on this card is quite unique in its appearance. It almost appears to "glow in the dark" on the card. Being privy to the original photo this being showed itself in, I believe that it is a type of spider and, though, many are afraid of spiders, spiders are incredible creatures in their abilities to spin amazing geometrical designs (their web) using their God given talent and the silk produced from their bodies. Let's see what this being has to share by turning over the card.

This being's name is Bebe and his subject matter is "The Puzzle". He says: "Every human is similar to a puzzle in that you are each made up of many different puzzle pieces. Each piece represents a different aspect of who you are and the puzzle must be put together to view the whole. Sometimes pieces do not seem to fit as you feel they should and this makes you confused about who you really are. To bring back clarity, you must examine the misfit pieces to determine if they are really yours or if they represent what someone else believes you should be. Being your true self completes your puzzle as the misfit pieces are gone."

Bebe's image allows you to see what is possible. He is an extension to Donaya's message to you. He is unique in every way and brings himself forth proudly - almost glowing - from the dark that surrounds him. The darkness, in this case, Aries, is about not being able to "see" the whole picture - the whole YOU. Many times, we do what we believe others would like us to do rather than what our hearts dictate to us. This is a way of "getting along" and doing what others believe is the right thing for us. However, as Bebe says, this causes us great confusion, making it difficult to know who we truly are. In 2018, Aries, this is not enough for you anymore. Bebe is telling you that it is time to come out of the dark - to shine out your true, unique self once you find your heart's passion. Even if others do not agree with what you wish to do, you must use your God given talents and weave your own unique web that reflects YOUR life and who YOU truly are. When you do, you will feel complete. You will have put your own life puzzle together.

The last card shows what I believe is a man though he has shoulder length hair and appears to be wearing a dress. He is blending in so well to his surroundings that he is actually quite difficult to see. He is walking forward, but also looking over his shoulder at Bebe (the third card). Bebe is also looking at him which means there is a special connection between these two cards. Let's see what this Wee Folk has to say by flipping over the card.

His name is Fenew and his subject matter is "The Chameleon". He says: "All humans have the need to blend in - to be a part of the crowd. This seems to be the way dictated by society. The sign reads, 'Become a chameleon - fit in - stay hidden.' If you are true to your soul, you know that being a chameleon is not what your soul dictates. Though you are connected to all living creatures, you are unique. You must discover your individual gifts and talents and share them as your heart desires. It is okay to be gold when all others are silver. Allow yourself to shine."

Wow, Aries, what a message! Fenew, in conjunction with Bebe (and Donaya) are very much urging you to "discover yourself" and to let whatever you find to be seen by everyone. It is no longer a time to hide from the world as you have a great deal to offer. If your heart's passion is something that people might consider unconventional as suggested by Patty the Leprechaun, that doesn't matter. As Fenew says, "It is okay to be gold when all others are silver." After all, the world would be a pretty boring place if we were all the same. What gives life excitement is our differences and, if you are different, you MUST allow that difference to shine.

So, Aries, the gist of 2018 is to discover your true heart's passion. Once you do, put everything you have into it - your image, your talents, your passion - and share it with the world. Stop thinking about what may or may not be acceptable or whether those closest to you will accept who you are. You MUST be unique in yourself if you are going to be truly happy. The people who are meant to be a part of your life will be thrilled for you and support you. Shine out your uniqueness and your differences - embrace your heart's passion - and make sure that every performance is spectacular! Happy New Year, Aries!



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