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The child within whispers softly to the adult you've become, "Do you remember, now?"


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Meet the Oracles at Land of Wee Folk

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Christina M. Schumacher - Wee Folk Photographer and Sakeina - My Spirit Guide

The definition of an Oracle is someone who gives wise, but sometimes mysterious information to people who seek out the Oracle. This information usually comes from someone else - a higher, unseen being - and is often channeled to the seeker.

I have chosen the word "Oracle" mostly to fit what I wanted this website to be - a fun, and a little mysterious, place to bring forth the inner child and all the possibilities that imagination offers, but I am an Oracle in that I take photographs of "wee folk" (my name for the beings who come forth in the photos) and my Spirit Guide, Sakeina, helps me bring forth messages from these "wee folk". This fits the definition of an Oracle, but this is not only who I am.

I am also a Mother of four and, now, a Grandmother of nine. I've spent my life studying all the "unconventional" subjects and am a Master Handwriting Analyst, Past Life Regressionist, Certified Dream Analyst, and Certified Hypnotist. I've owned and operated a number of businesses - DJ Business, Slot Car Track Business, Indoor Miniature Golf Business, Metaphysical Shop, and now my Home Business which offers Wee Folk Toracles readings (online and in person), past life regression, dream analogy and other needed "unconventional" services. I've authored four books - three of these can be found on by looking under my pre-married name of Christina M. Meide.

The fourth book, written with a gentleman in England can be found under my now married name, but is only good for the history and haunted stories within as the man, who claimed to be a spirit photographer, was not at all what he claimed to be. Lesson learned. I also create websites and run these websites for other people AND I edit books for people before publishing.

As is often the case, this website brings me full circle from what I most enjoyed in childhood - the Wee Folk - in such books as "The Littles" and "Gulliver's Travels" and which I spent much of my time searching for in my home and in the wooded areas. It seems, these Wee Folk waited until I was ready (many decades later) to make themselves known to me. And, now, I bring them to you through my Wee Folk Toracles deck and in depth free instruction.