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The child within whispers softly to the adult you've become, "Do you remember, now?"

Land of Wee Folk Photo Gallery

The Land of Wee Folk Photo Gallery has changed since it first began. Instead of just one page, it is being expanded to many pages to allow the pages to load more quickly. This is a work in progress as there are many, many photographs already discovered and still many photos that I have not yet gone through. So, take a peek at what I have so far and come back often to see what has been added.

Keep in mind that these are "Wee Folk" which means "quite small". To allow you to see them, I enlarge the cropped image by 100 pixels, but no more, but this still makes them blurry at times. There is nothing that can be done about this. If you have difficulty seeing these "wee folk", step back from your computer a bit. Once you have viewed these "wee folk" often, your eyes will begin to "train" to see them much more clearly.

Meet the Wee Folk Photographer

My name is Christina M. Schumacher. I am the Author of Four Books, Mother of Four, Grandmother of Nine, a Past Life Regressionist, a Master Handwriting Analyst, a Dowser, an Instructor, an Intuitive, a Decades Old Card Reader, Wee Folk Photographer, and the Designer of the Wee Folk Toracles.

Photo of Christina M. Schumacher

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