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The child within whispers softly to the adult you've become, "Do you remember, now?"

Readings at Land of Wee Folk

All readings are delivered in PDF format to the email address given with your payment. If your reading requires a question, you can provide the question during the payment process.

A Few Testimonials

"Chris did three readings for me using her new cards and I was absolutely amazed at the accuracy of the readings and the detail that the cards revealed. The readings brought up exactly what issues I was dealing with in my life at the time and in the recent past and offered clear and helpful insights into how I should approach dealing with these issues. I would strongly recommend the Wee Folk Toracles to anyone seeking clarity or insight." ~ Michael from Africa ~

"Christina Schumacher is an amazing and gifted psychic who, with her guide Sakeina, transmits a deep inner wisdom to the seeker. I consistently find her readings to be extremely perceptive, on point and profound, which means that they are always helpful. I highly recommend her services." ~ Jane Tripp from Canada ~

Thank you so much for such a detailed reading. It was amazing! Your wonderful Wee Folk cards have opened new pathways for my wife and I and we will enjoy where they may take us in the near future. Thank you again, Chris, for such a wonderful reading. ~ John from England ~
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