Land of Wee Folk logo with little footprints
Cool box with Wee Folk Toracles images

The child within whispers softly to the adult you've become, "Do you remember, now?"


Photo of regular and mini Wee Folk Toracles decks

To allow for International and US orders, the Wee Folk Toracles decks can be purchased directly from the company I use to print them. JUST CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO THE LEFT TO GO TO MY SHOP. There you can view both front and back of each deck.

Let me tell you, first and foremost, that the Wee Folk Toracles card deck is unlike any Tarot or Oracle deck you've seen before. It is, literally, created from the Wee Folk on each card within your deck. I share the story about how the Wee Folk Toracles were created in my Toracles Blog, so I won't write about that here. Instead, I want to make sure you understand the cards themselves.

If you have watched the videos below, you may have noticed that the photos of the Wee Folk are somewhat blurred. There is nothing wrong with the printer that created these cards and there is nothing wrong with your eyesight. The Wee Folk who agreed to be a part of this deck are quite clear in the original photographs, but they are also very, very small. Enlarging them, even the smallest amount, causes them to blur. There is nothing that can be done about this without affecting the images of the Wee Folk in a way that would not feel right. This deck is meant to be as authentic as possible and as true to the Wee Folk as it can possibly be. Personally, I found this bit of blurring added a mysterious quality to the cards which, I must admit, I fell in love with.

The only other changes I considered making was to possibly lighten some of the cards as some of the Wee Folk within the deck were found in dark or shadowed areas of the original photos and printing tends to make the dark parts darker. However, as I played with the cards in Photoshop, trying different methods I found on YouTube to lighten the images, the cards began to look unnatural. That is when I decided to just leave them alone. There is meaning to the dark cards and the light cards that I feel it is best not to mess with. All this means is that you will have to do readings in a well lit area rather than by candlelight at least until you get to know the deck well.

With that said, since I began using these cards and receiving incredible responses from clients about their readings, it is obvious that the Wee Folk had a "design" in mind all their own. The blur, the light, the dark, the direction they face on the cards, the child, the adult, and so on all have a huge bearing on the information you receive from the cards. These nuances in the cards brings forth information that would otherwise not be known. I know now that if I had changed anything on these cards, the readings would not be as accurate as they are. Cudos to the Wee Folk!

The end result for both sets of cards - regular sized and mini sized - is amazing and I know that you will enjoy working with them as much as I do.